Nine Launches Set for May

Proton rocket
Proton rocket

Nine launches are scheduled worldwide for the month of May. The manifest includes three launches by American providers, three by Russia, one joint Russian-Ukrainian flight, and one launch each by Japan and Europe.

The U.S. launches include six Orbcomm OG2 communications satellites by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, and a pair of military satellites to be launched by ULA’s Atlas V and Delta V rockets.

The Russian launches include a new crew to the International Space Station, two communications satellites (1 with Ukraine), and a reconnaissance satellite. Arianespace will launch a pair of communications satellites with Ariane 5, while the Japanese H-2A will launch the ALOS 2 Earth observing spacecraft.

There have been 24 orbital launches through April, all successful. That number will rise to 33 if all scheduled launches are completed in May.

DateLaunch VehiclePayload(s)Launch SiteNation
05/06/14SoyuzKobalt reconnaissance satellitePlesetskRussia
05/10/14Falcon 9Orbcomm OG2 commsats (6)CCAFSUSA
05/15/14ProtonExpress AM4R commsatBaikonurRussia
05/15/14Delta 4GPS 2F-6 navigation satelliteCCAFSUSA
05/22/14Atlas VNROL-33 reconnaissance satelliteCCAFSUSA
05/23/14H-2AALOS 2 Earth observing satelliteTanegashimaJapan
05/26/14Zenit 3SLEutelsat 3B commsatOdyssey Platform,
Pacific Ocean
05/28/14SoyuzISS 39S crewBaikonurRussia
05/28/14Ariane 5Measat 3b & Optus 10 commsatsKourouEurope