Commercial Crew Program Status Report

CCiCap milestone completion status: Boeing: 17 of 20; SpaceX: 13 of 17; Sierra Nevada: 8 of 13.
CCiCap milestone completion status: Boeing: 17 of 20; SpaceX: 13 of 17; Sierra Nevada: 8 of 13.

Commercial Crew Return on Investment Report
April 2014

Milestones achieved by the Commercial Crew Program’s (CCP’s) partners continue to push commercial spacecraft and transportation systems from design to reality.Over the past two months, industry partners continued to demonstrate progress by successfully completing the following Commercial Crew integrated Capability (CCiCap) milestones and preparing for significant milestones in the coming months:

Successfully Completed

  • Boeing M17, Pilot-in-the-Loop Demonstration
  • Boeing M10, Spacecraft Primary Structures Critical Design Review
  • SpaceX M7a, Delta Ground Systems Preliminary Design Review

Near-Term Work In Progress

  • Boeing M18, Software Critical Design Review
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) M8, Wind Tunnel Testing
  • SNC M9a, Main Propulsion and Reaction Control System Risk Reduction and Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Advancement Testing
  • SpaceX M13, Integrated Critical Design Review

Under its Commercial Crew Development Round 2(CCDev2) efforts, Blue Origin successfully completed its Subscale Propellant Tank Assembly Review assessing the design, manufacture, and assembly of a subscale booster propellant tank. This milestone is a key step in the development and demonstration of its transportation system. Future flight tests will provide results to inform its orbital transportation system development efforts.

In addition to the CCiCap and CCDev2 effort, NASA is continuing to assess certification product contract deliverables against NASA’s safety and performance requirements and is preparing for the next contract phase that will continue to facilitate American companies in sending astronauts to the Space Station from American soil and end our sole reliance on Russia.