My Space Show Appearance is Archived Online

My appearance on The Space Show with David Livingston last night has now been archived online. We talked about Virgin Galactic, Google, XCOR and a host of other topics. Charles Lurio of The Lurio Report also called in. So, it was fun.

The show is now archived as follows:

1.  Scroll down to the archives in the lower half of the page. Your show is currently the first one listed but it will move down a space with each show added.

2.  This is The Space Show blog. Here, listeners can ask questions, post comments, etc. So can the guest. If there are interest posts on the blog, I will be sure to call them to your attention. Like the website, your program will move down a page with each new program archived on the blog.

3. The program is now podcasting.

4. Finally, the permanent URL for the program for linking, quoting, etc. is

I want to really thank Dr. Space for having me on the show again. I always enjoy chatting with him and answering questions from listeners.