• windbourne

    nothing new.

  • Michael Vaicaitis

    I’m assuming that the numbers in the video refer to the BA-330 with room for 6 crew. Assuming the hab is rented for year, thats $450M a year at $75M per 60 days. The ISS is about 941cu m, so it would take 3 of these to replace the ISS, which would be $1.35Billion per year to rent. Although apparently the crew count could treble.

    I’m wondering how much of the cost is Bigelow profit margin and whether these prices will make it possible to usher in a big increase in human space flight.
    Can someone put me right please, cos I’m not seeing these Bigelow habs as a philanthropic project for the benefit of humankind and the furtherance of human presence in space.

  • Vladislaw

    The 25 million for 1/3 is a higher cost than leasing 1/2 or a full one. The more space you lease, and the longer you lease for, the lower your rate per meter. Bigelow added the 1/3 rate because several of the countries that signed MOU’s and other interested countries, wanted to lease smaller areas. Originally it was only going to be 1/2 or all of a BA330. He stated that by adding this flexible amount of space there has been increased interest.

    I believe a better way to look at this is now any 2nd or 3rd tier country can have a full up, crewed, space program, based in leo, For about 250-300 million a year. There are about 30-40 countries that have a big enough checkbook to play keeping up with the jones’s and have their own country’s astronaut beaming down to their schools for science et cetera.

    26 million for a SpaceX ride to a Bigelow facility and two months provisions. 3 million for each additional month. 38 million for a six month stay for one Astronaut. Times two so you have six month rotations. 76 million and 150 million for a yearly 1/3 lease. Going to be VERY easy for countries like India and Brazil to be in LEO now.