This Week on The Space Show

This week on The Space Show with David Livingston:

1. Monday, Jan. 20, 2014, 2-3:30 PM PST (5-6:30 PM EST, 4-5:30 PM CST): We welcome back HOWARD BLOOM to update us on progress with the Space Development Steering Committee which he chairs. Howard also has two new e-Books out on Amazon and we will ask him about his latest books.

2. Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014:, 7-8:30 PM PST (10-11:30 PM EST, 9-10:30 PM CST): DR. BILL FARRAND is back with us to talk about the 10th anniversary of Opportunity still working on Mars.

3. Friday, January 24, 2014, 9:30-11 AM PST (12:30-2 PM EST; 11:30 AM-1 PM CST): We welcome DR. SARA SEAGER of MIT to discuss Exoplanets, KST and its new life and much more.

4. Sunday, January 26, 2014, 12-1:30 PM PST (3-4:30 PM EST, 2-3:30 PM CST). We welcome back DR. DR. PAUL SPUDIS to discuss many of his latest blog posts and articles. Check out and