Arizona Legislature Considers Limited Liability Bill for Space Companies

Arizona_state_sealArizona is looking to emulate its neighbor, New Mexico, by passing a bill protecting space companies from being sued for injuring or killing passengers:

A bill at the Arizona Legislature would give space flight companies — yes space flight companies — protections against being sued.

The measure is aimed at helping possible space tourism and commercial space flights being planned in southern parts of the state.

House Bill 2163 creates some legal protections for commercial and private space flight companies by codifying liability release forms the companies could have passengers sign.

“This is actually important,” said Steve Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “Arizona, especially Southern Arizona, is in the Space Flight Corridor that extends from Texas to California. One of my members in Tucson, Paragon Space Development Corp., is planning trips to the outer edges of space, to the moon and to Mars.”

Paragon is not actually going to send people to space; they have a high-altitude balloon project in the works. But, the legislation will apparently cover their activities.

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