Cyngus on Track for Berthing with ISS on Sunday Morning

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Orbital Sciences & NASA Mission Update
January 11, 2014

All Cygnus systems are performing as expected with no issues. The spacecraft has conducted five orbit-raising maneuvers and is on track for rendezvous with the International Space Station tomorrow morning, with a target time for capture by the space station’s robotic arm at 6:02 am EST (11:02 GMT).

NASA TV coverage of rendezvous with the space station will begin at 5:00 am EST. When the vehicle reaches the capture point about 30 feet from the complex, Expedition 38 Flight Engineers Mike Hopkins and Koichi Wakata will use Canadarm2, the station’s 57-foot robotic arm, to reach out and grapple Cygnus at 6:03 a.m. EST. The crew then will use the robotic arm to guide Cygnus to its berthing port on the Earth-facing side of the Harmony node for installation beginning around 7:20 a.m. EST.

Cygnus is carrying 2,780 pounds of supplies to the station, not including the weight of packaging materials. This cargo includes vital science experiments, crew provisions, spare parts and other hardware.