Bigelow Aerospace Seeks Astronaut-in-Space Simulation Participants

Bigelow_Alpha_ Station
Bigelow Aerospace
Closed Volume Spacecraft Simulation Crew Members

This is a part time position. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Duty Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada

Bigelow Aerospace seeks mature, well adjusted adult individuals with backgrounds in the social, psychological, behavioral, biological, nursing, engineering or crew systems sciences for astronaut-in-space simulation studies.

Demonstrated expertise in detailed report writing with requested education background below.

US Citizens and Permanent Residents Only

The successful candidates will be expected to spend eight, sixteen or twenty four hour periods in a closed volume spacecraft simulation chamber. Candidates will live (eat, sleep and exercise) inside the chamber for defined periods of time and will be monitored continuously.

Successful candidates will be given structured daily tasks and schedules and will be expected to produce detailed daily reports on their activities and on their interactions with other crew members. The candidate will implement Bigelow Aerospace programs for quantifying, evaluating and optimizing crew systems, including process efficiencies, program quality and reporting on psychological, existential, social and environmental factors in spacecraft crews.

BS or MS in Social, Psychological, Behavioral, Biological, Nursing, Engineering, or Human Factors Sciences.

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  • windbourne

    I really wish that they would put one of these units at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole base and have a crew in there. That is far more similar to Mars and the Moon.

    The other thing that is needed is to test a small nuke there for power.

  • delphinus100

    It looks like a straightforward space station sim, not a planetary surface facility. Likely no going ‘outside,’ so nothing would be gained by a polar location in this case…

  • windbourne

    testing of the gear to the temps and wind abrasion.
    Though to be honest, I guess the 2 stations up there already prove the temps.

  • Stuart

    Unfortunately the electronic application is not designed to be used by foreign nationals (United kingdom).

  • Hug Doug

    It’s a bummer, but it does say “US Citizens and Permanent Residents Only”

  • Stuart

    Yes, unfortunately I think there must have been an earlier study proving that none US Citizens and none permanent residents are just not compatible with inflatables!

  • windbourne

    I suspect that if you contact Bigelow, they will take applications from ppl in UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is possible for your group to get security clearances here.