23 Selected to Fly on Lynx Through Axe Apollo Space Academy


This photo was posted earlier today of the winners of the Axe Apollo Space Academy competition in Florida. There appear to be 21 men and 2 women selected for suborbital flights aboard XCOR’s Lynx space plane. They appear here with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The competition was run by Unilever in conjunction with Space Expedition Corporation. There’s no press release out yet that I could find, but I will post something when it is published.

  • JC

    You are correct, 2 of the 4 women at the event, and 21 men were selected. I am one of the U.S contestants. Great Job Oliver Knight – UK & Patrick Karney – US from Team Pioneer. We are all proud of you.

  • ellegood

    JC – The author states that the photo shows winners of the competition in Florida. I’m unclear whether they have already come to Florida and competed, or will soon come to Florida to compete and narrow this group down to a shorter list of winners.

  • The competition is over. These are the winners.