Video of Blue Origin Engine Test

Video Caption: Blue Origin recently performed a test of its BE-3 rocket engine as part of the company’s Commercial Crew Development Round 2 initiative with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP). Blue Origin test fired the powerful new hydrogen- and oxygen-fueled American rocket engine Nov. 20. During the test, the BE-3 engine ramped up to full power and fired for more than two minutes to simulate a launch, then paused for about four minutes, mimicking a coast through space before it re-ignited for a brief final burn. The last phase of the test covered the work the engine performs in landing the booster back softly on Earth. Blue Origin’s Orbital Launch Vehicle will use the BE-3 engine to launch the company’s Space Vehicle into orbit to transport crew and cargo to low-Earth orbit.

CCP is aiding in the innovation and development of American-led commercial capabilities for crew transportation and rescue services to and from the station and other low-Earth orbit destinations by the end of 2017. For information about CCP, visit