ISPCS Panel Discussion on IP, Export Controls and Insurance

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Intellectual Property, Export Controls & Insurance

Chair: Franceska Schroeder, Principal, Fish & Richardson, P.C., Washington, DC Office


  • Grant Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer, Paragon Space Development Corporation
  • James W. Babineau, Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C., Austin Office – Intellectual Property
  • Christopher T.W. Kunstadter, Senior Vice President Aerospace Insurance, XL Group


Now on the stage: panel discussion on export control and intellectual property protection related to the commercial space industry. (ISPCS ‏@ISPCS)

Now up at #ISPCS, additional duscussion on risks and insurance. Moderator @FOSchroeder (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Chris Kunstadter, XL Insurance on “Hot Topics” panel: lot of capital in space insurance market right now, pushing down rates. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Now that we talked about space risks, let’s talk about space insurance. Panel with Schroeder, Kunstadter, Anderson, and Babineau. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Christopher Kunstadter: what keeps insurers up at night? Orbital debris, on-orbit svc, global econ, counterfitig parts. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Kunstadter: 90% of insurance business from GEO sats, but changing rapidly. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

‏Kunstadter: space insurance innovation: new products like spaceport liability and spaceflight participant personal accident policies. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Kunstadter: hope federal 3rd-party launch indemnification, expiring at the end of year, will be extended again, but no guarantees.(Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Anderson: Knowing the value of intellectual property (IP) is the toughest thing to do. Balance sharing info with getting patents. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Grant Anderson, Paragon: when US patent system became 1st-to-file, became more careful with public info, now publish fewer papers. (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Anderson: Paragon’s philosophy is to have the biggest shark in the tank; good lawyers protect against patent trolls. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Kunstadler: overall rocket failure rate is 6 to 7 % acoss all orbital launches since to 50s. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)

Babineau: If you have IP you don’t want to protect, make it as public as possible so no one else can protect your idea from you. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Kunstadter: Space debris big topic (gained more public awareness after the movie Gravity). Treaties need to be updated to include it. (Suzi Gordon ‏@suzigordon)

Kunstadter: concerned about space debris in GEO because that orbit is valuable: value of insured satellites alone is $25B (Jeff Foust ‏@jeff_foust)

Kunstadter: insured value of GEO satellites is $25 Billion. (Alan Ladwig ‏@SpaceArtAl)