Swiss Space Systems Establishes U.S. Subsidiary

SOAR spaceplane atop an A-300. (Credit: S3)
SOAR spaceplane atop an A-300. (Credit: S3)

Georgetown (Washington DC), October 17, 2013 (S3 PR) — The aerospace company, Swiss Space Systems (S3), announces today the establishment of a US subsidiary, S3 USA. Located in Georgetown (Washington, DC), the company will be run by Robert Feierbach. This constitutes another important milestone in the extension of the activities of S3 in the US, one week after the announcement of its partnership with Spaceport Colorado. Negotiations on further important partnerships in the country are currently at an advanced stage.

Swiss Space Systems (S3) is developing its activities in Switzerland and now counts with 50 employees. The engineering teams, helped by their industrial and academic partners, are progressing on the Research & Development phase of their small satellite launching system, based on an Airbus aircraft carrying the SOAR shuttle on its back. A week after the signing of its partnership with Spaceport Colorado, S3 announces today a new milestone in its implementation process for the United States.

A US subsidiary run by Robert Feierbach, a space industry expert

Swiss Space Systems Holding SA has established S3 USA, to be run by Robert Feierbach, at its new company headquarters in Georgetown (Washington, DC). Mr. Feierbach is a seasoned professional in the fields of satellites and aerospace and was previously Vice President Commercial Business Development for SpaceX, one of the main aerospace companies operating private and governmental satellites launches. His arrival to S3 constitutes a major reinforcement in order to develop its business on the American scene; a highly attractive market for satellite projects.

Mr. Feierbach looks forward to his new challenge: “To contribute to the development of this company and its efficient, flexible and more affordable small satellite launching system is a task that I’m very excited to undertake, helped by the team I will be setting up”. The target of S3 USA is to create dozens of jobs between now and 2017, and to establish partnerships with leading companies in the US aerospace industry.

Headquarters in Washington DC and future operations in other key states

S3 USA has its headquarters in the US capital, but its activities will not be restricted to this area. The goal of S3 is to have key operational centers across the country, among others in Colorado, where S3 and Spaceport Colorado have already signed an MOU. In addition to Colorado, negotiations are at an advanced stage with major potential partners in key areas, as it refers to S3’s space activities. The signature of these new partnerships will happen during the current trimester. “After our partnership with Spaceport Colorado, the establishment of S3 USA constitutes another important milestone in our business development activities,” said Pascal Jaussi, founder and CEO of S3. “We will not stop there and look forward to soon announcing more important news related to other key States of this country, which has a great aerospace industrial heritage.”