GLXP Update: Earthrise Space to Debut Lunar Outreach Rover at Maker Faire

omega_envoyORLANDO FLA (Earthrise Space PR) — Earthrise Space Foundation (ESF) is set to debut their Lunar Outreach Rover, “Artemis,” Saturday, October 5th, at the Mini Maker Faire at the Orlando Science Center. ESF is the host of part of Team Omega Envoy.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to showcase our students’ talents and dedication to the NewSpace Industry at the Mini Maker Faire”, says Marvin Tsoi, COO of the Foundation. “They get a lot of great experience building the hardware that will be on the lunar surface in 2015; what makes us so unique is that the students design, build and manage the entire process of creating the spacecraft.”

Earthrise Space Foundation has over 30 students from Universities and High Schools from across Central Florida that participate in building spacecraft. They have an opportunity to bring the knowledge they are gaining in the classroom and applying it to the exciting challenges of the space industry.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity for the students to see their work being used in the first private launch to the moon. It’s very rewarding to watch the students work together as a team to make this happen.” said Ruben Nunez “We are committed to the STEM initiative that our nation is focusing on and honored to provide that hands-on-experience.” As James Stininger puts it, “It’s amazing; before I’m thirty I’ll have built a spacecraft that has flown and landed on the moon. How many people can say that?”

The Mini Maker Faire is an exciting chance for the public to see the work ESF has accomplished, which is closely tied to the STEM community. ESF is open to go to conferences, fairs and tours; this allows students and educators alike to get a valuable glimpse into the real industry of spacecraft. The opportunity to see real hardware shows the value behind education and the possibilities of STEM careers, which is the truest goal of ESF.