Bob Geldof Completes SXC Training Simulation

Bob Geldof with SXC Founder Harry van Hulten. (Credit: SXC)
Bob Geldof with SXC Founder Harry van Hulten. (Credit: SXC)

Amsterdam, 26 September 2013 (SXC PR) — Today Bob Geldof completed his first SXC training mission at the space flight simulator Desdemona in The Netherlands. He was very impressed by the realistic flight simulation of the XCOR Lynx spacecraft and is now even more excited about his actual flight to space with SXC.

Geldof added that the simulator is a fantastic device, the power of its thrust is amazing and the experience of it all actually makes you want to stay up longer.

Space Expedition Corporation is thrilled to have singer, philanthropist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sir Bob Geldof on board as an SXC future astronaut. Geldof was the former headman of British band Boomtown Rats and in the 80’s, he initiated the successful benefit concerts Band Aid and Live Aid to raise money for Africa.

SXC founder Michiel Mol has said: “We are so proud to have Sir Geldof aboard. He is an icon of social responsibility and in projects like Live Aid, he proved that entertainment with meaning can be a great combination. We share that vision by offering our astronauts a life-changing experience. At the same time we are changing the concept of sustainable space transportation, namely outside the earth’s atmosphere.’’

Geldof also quoted a famous Irish poet who once said that” the beauty of the world makes him sad, because this beauty will pass.’ But when I go up into Space, I really will be able to see the Earth’s beauty and I am very much looking forward to it.’’