What Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronauts Will Likely See Tomorrow…

Credit: Robin Snelson
Credit: Robin Snelson

So, future Virgin astronauts…The question you’ve all be asking, answered.

The Ballad of Taxiway B*

Tonight you sit in the hotel bar
after flights to LAX from near and far
the big question is bound to be
what tomorrow will we see?

You’ll wake up sleepy bright and early
greeting the dawn like a morning glory
up the freeways you’ll be bussed
to a desert town that’s full of dust

A mighty spaceship with engine to light
will no doubt fly right out of sight
I know that is all your big hope
but what I say is a firm “nope”

Sir Richard knows how to put on a show
that is something we all know
but here he has not the final say
all the Scalies would reply was nay

A glide flight to watch is a lot of fun
circling Earthward in the Mojave sun
hotter than hell is the normal rule
but the Fall temps will be nice and cool

A new flight schedule you will be provided
by the man whom an English queen has knighted
what other plans I know not what
on that topic all mouths were shut

I know you say “you ain’t no poet”
just don’t think I didn’t know it
for poetry no one comes here to read
for NewSpace news their heads to feed

Now this post comes to an end
with all the best wishes I can send
that you will enjoy your Mojave stay
on a glorious desert blue sky day.

* Taxiway B is where The Spaceship Company hangar is located. Airport officials it the “Taxiway of Dreams” because they built it without having a specific tenant signed up to use it. Your enthusiasm for it may vary.