Branson Says Commercial Flights Only “Months Away” as Ticket Sales Near 700

Credit: Douglas Messier
Credit: Douglas Messier

Virgin Galactic Founder Richard Branson says he is only “months away” from launching suborbital space tourism flights aboard SpaceShipTwo:

Sir Richard Branson has claimed his latest venture Virgin Galactic is just “months away” from launching its ambitious space programme….

So far about 700 people have bought tickets, including Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Hawking.

“We hope to transform the way people live,” he said. “Only 500 people have been up in space so far and we believe we can do that in our first year. We also want to pioneers planes that could eventually transport people from London to Australia in two hours.

“Stephen Hawking wants us to colonise the moon or Mars … that could eventually happen. As could a hotel in space.”

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