SFF Selects Eight Finalists for NewSpace Business Plan Competition

sff_logoFREMONT, Calif. (SFF PR, September 13,  2013) — The Space Frontier Foundation and the NewSpace Business Plan competition, in conjunction with their sponsors, are thrilled to announce the 2013 Business Plan Competition Finalists.  Finalists are listed below in alphabetical order.

This year, the NewSpace Business Plan Competition will be held on October 24th in California’s famed investor hot-spot, Silicon Valley and in partnership with Stanford University.   For more information on the competition, the location and date, prizes,  or our sponsors, please visit the NewSpace BPC website.

  • Alanax Technologies
    San Jose, CA
    Alanax Technologies develops Astrolink, our flagship software product for modeling, analyzing, and operating aerospace communication networks.
  • BBC Aerospace
    Orlando, FL
    BBC Aerospace is licensing and commercializing an innovative system for performing electron-beam freeform fabrication.
    Princeton, NJ
    ELIGOS has developed a new type of electric space propulsion unit with the goal of powerful, efficient electric space propulsion for all space propulsion needs; focused on the lucrative satellite orbit raising and maneuvering market.
  • Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc.
    Atlanta, GA
    Generation Orbit serves micro and nano satellite developers struggling to find dedicated and cost-effective space access by offering fast, flexible and affordable primary launch manifesting through GOLauncher, an air-launched space transportation system specifically designed for small payloads.
  • Infinity Aerospace LLC
    Mountain View, CA
    Infinity Aerospace is a space hardware and services company. Infinity’s first product, the ArduLab, is a plug-and-play, International Space Station (ISS) compliant, cubesat form factor ‘nanolab’ platform that allows customers in the education, commercial, and research markets to rapidly develop fully autonomous microgravity experiments.
  • NNMC
    Swainboro, GA
    The National Nanotechnology Manufacturing Center (NNMC), Inc is a Georgia-based organization that has developed a unique prototyping / additive manufacturing machine known as the Multi Prototyping Lab (MPL). The MPL is a multi-module prototyping machine. Each module, or attachment performs a unique process, such as 3D printing, Drop-on-Demand printing or laser curing.
  • Raptor Space Services
    Mountain View, CA
    Raptor Space Services,a wholly owned subsidiary of Skycorp Incorporated has been formed to address the demand for cost effective orbital transfer of cubesats from the International Space Station (ISS) to more desirable orbits. The Raptor solar electric propulsion spacecraft can carry 50 cubesats for deployment to higher orbits and inclinations in early 2016. Two vehicles, for 100 cubesats, will initially be built.
  • Sysenex, Inc.
    Reston, VA
    Sysenex provides systems engineering and business development services to aerospace, IT and other firms.