DC-X Reunion: ARCA in Talks to Bring HAAS 2 Rocket to Spaceport America

ARCA’s HAAS 2B suborbital rocket. (Credit: ARCA)

Our correspondent, Nickolai Belakovski, reports from the DC-X conference in Alamogordo, NM:

Dumitru Popescu announced that ARCA is in talks with Spaceport America to bring their Haas 2b. The vehicle can carry a capsule to 160km, a capsule which can carry 5 people, a pilot and 4 passengers. They expect to be able to start moving to the spaceport in the next few months.

They intend to compete with other suborbital providers on 4 items: safety, the fact that they offer a true rocket experience with vertical as opposed to horizontal takeoff and parachute landing, they go to a (much) higher altitude, and cost.

The pictures of the capsule showed something reminiscent of a mini Dragon in terms of seating layout, with 4 windows spaced 90 degrees apart. The windows seemed sort of low so I don’t know what the viewing experience would be like. It didn’t look like there would be room to float around.

HASS 2B Technical Data

Length: 16 m
Diameter: 1.4 m
Launch mass: 16 tons
Max thrust: 24 tons
Max. payload: 2.6 tons
Max. altitude: 180 km

Date of first flight: 2016
Situation in March 2012: Program under study

  • Nickolai

    I caught up with Popescu later that day. He said they are planning to do a coldflow test of the engine for Haas 2b soon, and expect to launch it from Romania next spring. He hopes that launches from Spaceport America can begin with unmanned payloads middle of next year.

    Also, he informed me that the pictures of the capsule he showed were for an orbital capsule – the one for suborbital tourism would of course have more windows.

    He also noted that the schedule he described to me is different than the one on the website because the website has not been updated yet.