Spacevidcast Looks at the Complexity of Mining Asteroids

Video Caption: Mining asteroids isn’t easy and now with some new scientific data it may actually be even harder than we originally thought! What are the risks and how do we overcome them? Check out this SpacePod for your answers!

  • mzungu

    Someone is actually doing some thinking making some sense. That is just the landing….Mining? well…

    Amount the thousands of things that can go wrong, one just have to look at any mining operation on Earth, Every mining operation will create hundreds to millions of ton of waste depending on what u r mining, on earth all that can fall into a neat little pile. In space, u have to spend the time, energy, and materials to contain all that around your asteroid, proventing it getting into your suit, space-factory, or your equipment….

  • Paul451

    Landing on one side might set of an avalanche on the other side… errr, so?