NASA Flight Opportunities Issues Call for Proposals

NASA LOGONASA’s Flight Opportunities Program has issued a new call for proposals for payloads maturing crosscutting technologies. The solicitation covers a single, unique orbital flight that is scheduled for launch in late FY 2015.

STMD Technology Demonstration Mission Program’s Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) currently has excess payload capacity. The Flight Opportunities Program has been offered part of this excess capacity for non-deployable, ready-to-demonstrate payloads that could be accommodated on the GPIM spacecraft that is scheduled for launch in late FY 2015. This mission will launch on a Falcon Heavy rocket and last for approximately 2 months at altitudes varying between 650 km to 720 km at an approximate inclination of 24 degrees. Payloads selected for this flight will be hosted on a Ball Aerospace BCP-100 spacecraft bus and will NOT be retrieved after the mission. Only one flight is available. Access to space costs are covered by the Space Technology Mission Directorate.
Total Available Mass: Less than 20 kg dependent on number/size of payloads selected

Proposals are due on Sept. 12, 2013. NASA is targeting notifications to go out on Nov. 12.

Read the full solicitation.