New Group Forms to Promote Spaceport at Florida’s Shiloh Site

A new group of business and community leaders called Space Volusia has been formed to promote the development of a spaceport on the Shiloh site located the north end of the Kennedy Space Center. The description from the group’s Facebook page reads:

Space Volusia is seeking to assist private sector launches and get Florida back into the $280 billion commercial space market. In the 1980s, Florida was the leader in commercial satellite launches, but we’ve lost that market to the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Brazilians, and Indians who are getting into the market. Commercial space launches are an emerging market and spaceports have been or are becoming established in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Georgia and other states. Why? Because they see the potential for new businesses and jobs.

There is also another group called Launch FLs Future that is also promoting development of the spaceport. They are on Twitter  @LaunchFLsFuture.

  • Laura Seward

    To clarify, Launch Florida’s Future is a separate entity. We appreciate the coverage of both!

  • Brainard

    The need for this spaceport will be obviated by several things – the trend towards extremely large reusable heavy lift launch vehicles flying out of Kennedy for missions that involve space development, colonization and planetary protection, the proposed commercialization of the Cape assets, and the eventual migration of all future reusable launch vehicles to land based spaceports with international overflights and deliveries. This people are more than a couple of years late to the party it seems.