SXC Marketing Effort Expands into Thailand

Nonthaburi, Thailand (Khiri Voyages PR) — SXC says that Space travel is no longer the exclusive domain of governments. It is now coming into reach for private individuals and organizations. SXC, will facilitate Space adventure travel for Thai nationals who book through Khiri Voyages, which has an introductory Thai language website up at ahead of the SXC July 8 press event.

After booking through Khiri Voyages, Thai Space travellers undergo training in the Netherlands, which includes a flight in a L-39 Albatross jet and the unique Desdemona simulator, which generates G-forces of up to 3.3G.

The Space flight itself takes off using a horizontal runway either in the Mojave Desert in California or from Curacao in the southern Caribbean Sea. The XCOR Lynx Mark I or Mark II Space jet flies to 192,000 feet (58.5km above Earth). The engines are then switched off. The aircraft’s momentum then propels it to 338,000 feet (103 km) above Earth where a state of weightlessness occurs. At the highest point passengers can float in the Space craft and see the curvature of the Earth. The Lynx then returns to Earth with the Space traveller experiencing 4G atmospheric re-entry forces along the way. The Lynx makes a horizontal landing. The entire trip takes approximately one hour.

Only one passenger flies in the Lynx with the pilot. When ready, passengers can choose to take off and land either in the Mojave Desert near Los Angeles or at Curacao. If from Curacao, the Space passenger will be able to see the curvature of the Earth all the way from Cuba to Brazil.

“We already provide exclusive travel experiences such as Antarctica, deluxe safaris in Africa and trips to the Galapagos Islands for the Thai market,” said Willem Niemeijer, CEO of the Khiri Group, of which Khiri Voyages, a specialist travel company offering unique global (and extra-global) travel to Thai nationals, is a part. “But Space is truly the ultimate experience.”

Niemeijer said that SXC provides all the necessary training and equipment, nevertheless, Spaceflight passengers have to be brave and fit. “As the SXC team say, ‘This is no picnic!’ ”

The cost per trip is approximately THB4.2 million (US$135,000). Exclusively for the Thai market, the price includes the training mission to The Netherlands and the Space journey from the Spaceport in either Curacao or the USA, business class flights from Bangkok to both destinations, transfers, and deluxe accommodation for two people. Additional modules of pre-flight training, such as zero-gravity flights are available, at extra cost, if the Space traveller wants to subscribe to these.

SXC, a private sector company, comprises of a team of aerospace and business professionals with a passion and expertise for Space travel. They are dedicated to the development of Space travel as a commercial means of transport. They see aerospace as a logical extension of terrestrial tourism.

To find out more, visit the Khiri Voyages special Thai language Space travel website at Email: Or call +66 (0) 2 950-7134.

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