Spectacular Video of Russian Proton Failure

What goes up, must come down. Although not always where you want it to….

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  • Stuart

    I really prey they are more stringent with their manned launch quality control checks. Needless to say it highlights the urgent need that the politicians stop scoring off each other and unify to support the domestic commercial manned space craft projects.

  • Linsey Young

    Who in their right mind will now put a payload on Proton? This has become the least reliable launch vehicle in service. Surely the beginning of the end for this program.

  • Hug Doug

    well, maybe this will convince congress to shift funding to Commercial Crew Capability…..

  • Brainard

    You can prey all you want, it actually works! Prayer, however, is ineffective. One would think that you would have learned those simple lessons by now.

  • delphinus100

    Actually it’s been quite reliable, but things have not been good for Proton *lately,* even before this.

    And it takes only one ‘oh, s**t’ to wipe out a hundred ‘good jobs…’