Branson Joins Planetary Resources Core Group of Investors

This bit of news came in an email from Chris Lewicki during the closing hours of Planetary Resources’ Kickstarter campaign:

We are pleased to announce that Sir Richard Branson has joined Planetary Resources’ core group of investors.

“I’m excited to be part of the Planetary Resources’ team working on extracting precious minerals from near Earth asteroids.  The only way to truly explore our Solar System is to develop the technology and means to sustain our presence in space without depleting resources of Earth.” — Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group.

AND . . . he is so excited that the ARKYD will provide unprecedented public access to space, he has generously made his own campaign pledge of $100,000 to support interactive programming to strengthen STEM education, and to move us closer to our remaining three stretch goals.

The remaining stretch goals have been reduced by $100,000 thanks Sir Richard Branson’s substantial pledge to ARKYD – A Space Telescope For Everyone.

Planetary Resources’ main investors include Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google Co-founder and President Larry Page, Google Fouding Board Member K. Ram Shriram, H. Ross Perot, Jr., and Charles Simonyi. All except Simonyi are on Forbes 2013 list of billionaires.

Other investors include: Robert Hariri, MD, Executive Chairman, Celegene Therapeutics; Rena Shulsky David, president and CEO of Shire Realty; Raymie Stata, entrepreneur and former Chief Technology Officer of Yahoo! and Kimberly Sweidy; and John C. Whitehead, former Chair and CEO of Goldman Sachs and 9th U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.

  • DaIllogicalVulkan

    Its very nice to know that there are people of wealth & influence that take have an active interest in space, itll be interesting to know 75-80 years from now how the history textbooks will articulate the “new space” age of the 2020s’