ULA Wins $1.1 Billion Contract for Air Force, NRO Launches

United Launch Services LLC, Littleton, Colo., has been awarded a $1.088 million contract for seven launches of U.S. Air Force and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellites. The launch vehicles include:

  • AF Atlas V 401
  • AF Atlas V 501
  • NRO Atlas 401
  • NRO Atlas 541
  • AF Delta IV 4.2
  • AF Delta IV 5.4
  • NRO Delta IV 5.2. 

ULA will be paid $525 million out of the Fiscal Year 2013 procurement budget. The work is set to be completed by 2015.

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  • dbooker


    The last line says “ULA will be paid…”. Did you mean ULS?

    Also, what service are they providing. You mean paying ULA $1 billion a year subsidy and then paying $200 or $300 million per launch vehicle, plus paying the satellite builders (again Boeing, Lockheed, maybe sometimes Ball etc.) hundreds of millions isn’t enough. Talk about the U.S. taxpayers being ripped off.

  • Douglas Messier

    ULS is also known by its more common name, ULA.

    What service are they providing? Seriously? You’re asking that?

    These are the only rockets we have that can launch most of our military and national security payloads. I guess that’s the answer.