Interview with a Future Lynx Spaceflight Participant

Interview with a Spaceflight Enthusiast

Marie-Francoise Le Cornec

Marie-Francoise Le Cornec
Age: 74
Occupation: Pilot
“I am a flight addict!”

1. You have recently purchased a space ticket with SXC, what did this moment mean to you?

It was a very important moment for me.

I have flown so many times in a different aircraft and I was looking for the ultimate flight experience. That’s when my chief pilot told me that I should embark on a space flight and that it was now possible. I always thought I would not be able to undertake such a journey in this lifetime, and now look at me, I will be doing it! It’s great!

2. What triggered you to choose SXC?

Choosing to undertake a space flight is the ultimate challenge for me.

I see it as a step further in regards of all the achievements in aviation I’ve accomplished so far.
Everything that flies is great to step on board for me.

As long as I am in the sky I feel great. So the longer I can stay the better it is! Flying is my religion.

3. Which part of the flight do you expect to be the most challenging?

I think that the take-off will be very impressive. Furthermore, reaching the altitude apex also will be something. The way back as well. To be honest the whole trip will be impressive!

I have lots of experience with G forces. Once I’ve pulled 7Gs and I’m constantly roaming around 4.5Gs in the mirage. I’m sure I can cope with it the whole flight. When I fly I cope with anything!

4. Would you like to have your spaceflight experience to be remembered as a historical moment and to share it publicly?

Absolutely! Like I said earlier, it is essential for some of us to open the gates to space to everyone. Humanity needs to know that anyone can do it and that such an adventure is something anyone will be able to undergo.

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