FSDC Joins Effort to Keep Spaceflight Vehicles Off Munitions List

nss_logoRockledge, Fla., June 14, 2013 (FSDC PR) — The Florida Space Development Council (FSDC), a chapter of the National Space Society, has written to the U.S. Department of State to voice opposition to proposed export-control rulemaking that would add commercial human spaceflight vehicles to a Department of Defense “munitions list” and thereby place onerous restrictions on their export from the U.S.

The move is part of an ongoing (and mostly positive) effort by the Obama Administration to modify the nation’s current ITAR export control policies. Commercial satellites, for example, would be moved from the DOD list to a less restrictive export control list managed by the Department of Commerce. The proposed addition of human spaceflight vehicles to the DOD list would negatively impact efforts by U.S. companies to build a U.S.-dominated international market for such vehicles.

XCOR Aerospace is one U.S. company that would be impacted by the proposed rulemaking. The company, which intends to develop and operate their next-generation Lynx vehicles in Florida, has aggressively pursued international markets for their vehicles and services. Click here to submit your own response to the rulemaking notice, required by no later than July 8.

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