SXC Appoints New CEO, Expands to New York, Hong Kong

sxc_logoAmsterdam, 13 June 2013 (SXC PR) – The appointment of Georgette Schlick as CEO of SXC Group coincides with the expansion of SXC to New York and Hong Kong, in order to fulfill the specific needs for customers from Asia and the Americas.

Michiel Mol, SXC founder: “A rapidly growing corporation like SXC needs an internationally experienced CEO that knows how to manage and optimize business. We are extremely pleased to have an organizational talent like Georgette join our team.”

Schlick brings impressive international management experience at corporations such as SBS Broadcasting and Brunel to the table. She is as pleased as Mol to become part of the SXC team: “To lead a commercial space agency never occurred to me, but when we got to talk, I made up my mind immediately. To be able to be part of history, together with our customers, makes this the best job in the world.”

Rogier Kroymans will be responsible for the overall sales strategy and he will be in charge of all global sales activities. Having spent a great part of his career marketing either high-end luxury goods or sustainable innovations, Kroymans is pleased to finally be able to combine both at SXC.

“What appeals to me most is the fact that SXC’s customers are pioneers, I look forward to working with them!”

Mol on the appointment of Kroymans: “We are looking forward to working together towards the end of our countdown: the first rocket powered test flights before the end of the year.”

About Space Expedition Corporation (SXC)

From 2014 on, Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) will perform daily commercial flights into space. SXC offers passengers a life-changing experience in viewing our planet Earth from 100 kilometers high. Plus, having been at that altitude, they can rightly be called astronauts. XCOR Aerospace in Mojave, California, USA, designed and built the Lynx spacecraft, which will perform the space flights. SXC is proud to be the launching customer of the Lynx, which comfortably takes off and lands like a normal airplane, from regular airports. The flexibility of the Lynx spacecraft enables operation from almost any commercial airport. Most likely, the Curacao airport in the Caribbean will be the first location – and Spaceport – outside the USA. The spaceflight costs $100,000 per flight. XCOR and SXC have sold over 200 tickets so far.

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