Infinity Aerospace Announces Microgravity Experiments Partnership with XCOR

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (Infinity Aerospace PR) —
Infinity Aerospace, the creators of ArduLab, has unveiled their next product at the Next Gen Suborbital Researchers Conference. Infinity Aerospace has partnered with XCOR Aerospace to introduce a totally new way to access space. Starting today they will be offering a complete space program designed for individuals, teams, and classrooms and enabling them science and technology projects in space.

At Infinity Aerospace we often hear “I want to fly something in space – tell me how!” Before today, it was a complicated answer involving many different pieces and cumbersome logistics. Today we’re unveiling the Explorer and Conqueror Space Programs that, for one price, you get the hardware (ArduLab, nuts and bolts, various sensors, etc.), the engineering support, onsite curriculum assistance, and the launch to space. We believe this is a great step forward in bringing space access to everyone, not just for US customers but worldwide. We believe that institutions, companies, or even governments worldwide can create space programs based on our products and programs.

The Space Explorer Program is the right choice for most individuals or small teams although it can be customized to fit your exact needs. Included is an ArduLab 1.0 with an additional circuit board for on ground development, a flight to space in XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx for your ArduLab, and it’s all backed by Infinity Aerospace’s payload support and integration services starting at $4,995.

The Space Conqueror Program is perfect for large teams, educational environments, or frequent flyers! This program features unlimited flights to space, 3 ArduLabs ($250 for each additional), and a 1 day Getting Started in Space with ArduLab class with the Infinity Aerospace Engineers at the location of your choice. We are currently offering this program for sizes up to 2U only. This program starts at $34,995 for 1U payloads.

Infinity Aerospace has selected XCOR Aerospace as its official launch provider for the space programs. Co Founder Brian Rieger commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to have XCOR Aerospace as our launch provider and we’re working hard to ensure a streamlined payload integration process with the shortest lead times to launch in the industry. This will include all safety checks and payload flight certification to make sure your payloads are safe to fly to space and their experimentation objectives are met.”

The space programs leverage the ArduLab (an open source lab platform that runs on Arduino and is built for space vehicles) as the hardware platform onto which space experiments can be rapidly developed and built. Whether you’re an individual, team, researcher, or class of students, Infinity Aerospace has a space program that will turn your workspace or classroom into a space experiment development and learning lab, with the flights to space included.

“We realized that a lot of people including students and researchers need an end to end solution for doing experiments in space. It is our goal to democratize space by providing powerful tools and services to give individuals, teams, schools and universities the hardware platforms and access to put their space exploration on the fast track,” said CoFounder of Infinity Aerospace Manu Sharma.

Infinity Aerospace’s customers already include NASA Johnson Space Center, Jet Propulsion Lab, CASIS, Stanford University and many other institutions. Contact Manu Sharma to get customized quotes for your very own space program.

Manu Sharma
CoFounder, Infinity Aerospace

Space Explorer Program

  • ArduLab 1.0
    • additional ArduLab board for experimentation development
  • Launch Slot to Space
  • Infinity Aerospace basic payload support and integration services

Price: $4,995

Space Conqueror Program – yearly subscription

  • Unlimited Flights to Space
  • 3 x ArduLab 1.0
    • $250 for each additional ArduLab 1.0
  • 1 day ‘Getting Started in space with ArduLab’ with Infinity Aerospace Engineers at the location of your choice

Price: $34,995

Customize Your Explorer Program

  • ArduLab 1.0  — $1,000
  • Flight slot to space — $2,500
  • ‘Getting Started in space with ArduLab’ with Infinity Aerospace Engineers at the location of your choice — $995
  • Infinity Aerospace premium payload development and integration services — $2,000
  • Quick start experiment kit — $300