Send Leo DiCaprio to Space for Free

"I'm king of space!"
“I’m king of space!”

The intermittently reliable New York Post has this space tourism item out of France:

One lucky Cannes Film Festival-goer will get to go into outer space with Leonardo DiCaprio. Page Six has exclusively learned one of the auction prizes at tonight’s amfAR gala at Cannes will be a trip on Virgin Galactic’s space flight with “The Great Gatsby” star. Seats on the world’s first commercial space flight cost $200,000, but sources say this auction item was “priceless” because the highest bidder will be personally escorted by DiCaprio.

This will likely be a really good deal for DiCaprio. The bidder will send many times the cost of the ticket to ride with the star of “Titanic” (in which he died) and “The Great Gatsby” (ditto, I think).  Mmmmm….I wonder if that’s really such a good idea…

The proceeds will be more than enough to cover Leo’s ticket to space, meaning that in all likelihood the flight won’t cost him a penny. It’s not that he couldn’t easily afford a ticket, but what’s the point of being a celebrity if you can’t take advantage of these deals. And it’s for a good cause, I guess.

Peter Diamandis achieved the same thing a few years back during X Prize Foundation’s “Radical Benefit for Humanity” gala. In that case, he was the celebrity that someone bid a lot of money to fly into space with aboard SpaceShipTwo. The proceeds were enough to cover his ticket.