GLXP Update: Earthrise Space Adds New Sponsor

omega_envoyORLANDO, FLA. (April 22, 2013) – Earthrise Space Inc. (ESI), the parent organization of the Google Lunar XPRIZE team, Omega Envoy, is proud to announce that it has gained a new sponsor, Wrike, who is donating company-wide use of their Project Management Software to ESI. Wrike’s software will help make it easier to visualize workflow and organize tasks, freeing up precious work time that would otherwise be spent working through time-consuming traditional planning methods.

“We’re glad to support the ESI team in their challenging and ambitious mission. As Wrike increases their collaborative efficiency and open innovation, a model that we’re passionate about ourselves, we look forward to celebrating their future successes!” said Nic Bryson, VP of Customer Success at Wrike.

Blending full-featured project management with friendly social collaboration features, Wrike provides a market-leading solution that helps thousands of organizations get things done easily and efficiently. Users are able to post, schedule and update tasks, assign tasks to other co-workers, and check in on an up-to-date work queue of the team’s progress in real time. Using these unique features, ESI will gain the advantage of digitally linking their entire company, enabling easy, instant project status referenced between the 40+ team members located throughout their spacecraft development facility.

About Earthrise Space, Inc.

Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) is a Florida-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to developing space technology in collaboration with industry and academic institutions. ESI’s Omega Envoy Project is creating a key set of lunar spacecraft infrastructure, which will fulfill the requirements of the Google Lunar XPRIZE and provide a platform for the delivery of commercial payloads to the lunar surface. All ESI efforts involve significant numbers of students and young professionals through paid internships, providing them with hands on experience building real spacecraft, and preparing them for future employment in the entrepreneurial space industry.

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About Wrike

Wrike is the leading on-demand, online project management and collaboration software. It provides teams with a unique platform for collaborating on multiple projects in one workspace in real time. Wrike’s collaboration features give a significant productivity gain to thousands of companies all over the globe, including Adobe, EMC and Ecco. Wrike, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in California.

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About Google Lunar XPRIZE

The $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE will be awarded to the first privately funded teams to build robots that successfully land on the lunar surface, explore the Moon by moving at least 500 meters (~1/3 of a mile), and return high definition video and imagery. The competition’s grand prize is worth $20 million. To provide an extra incentive for teams to work quickly, the grand prize value will change to $15 million whenever a government-funded mission successfully explores the lunar surface, currently projected to occur in 2013. Additionally, a second place prize of $5 million will be available for the second team to complete the competition objectives. A total of $4 million in bonus prizes are available for achieving other specific mission objectives, including operation at night; traveling more than 5km over the lunar surface; detection of water; and precision landing near an Apollo site or other lunar sites of interest (such as landing/crash sites of man-made space hardware). Lastly, a $1 million award will go to the team that demonstrates the greatest attempts to promote diversity in the field of space exploration.

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