NASA Looks at New Docking System for Commercial Vehicles

CCP Spotlight on Development

NASA’s International Space Station Program (ISS) Program is gearing up for a review early this month about the docking system spacecraft could use for future missions to the space station, including the companies working with the agency’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP).

Plans call for the NASA Docking System (NDS) design to be made available to all U.S.-based crew-carrying spacecraft docking with the space station in the future. The docking system will be able to transfer power, data, commands, air and communications between the two craft as they orbit the Earth.

CCP’s three Certification Products Contract (CPC) contractors, The Boeing Company, Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC) Space Systems and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), will be able to look at the results of the review and provide feedback on how they plan to incorporate the NDS into their spacecraft.