SXC CEO Hails Lynx AXE Campaign as Great Success

michiel_molThe Sweet Smell of Success

I can still recall the exact words of the Unilever executives when we first met at the London offices of their global creative company BBH almost a year ago: “Make no mistake about it, if we’re going to do this together, there will be nobody in those parts of the world where they have television, that will not have heard of SXC”. And boy, was he right. We closed the deal and the rest is history.

A great global campaign featuring a lifeguard and a fireman that were ditched because of an astronaut, a brilliant New York kick off by none other than the second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin (“Leave a man, come back a hero”) and the founding of the Axe Apollo Space Academy, eventually leading to 22 of their consumers actually be taken to space by us. International press is rapidly picking up on us because of the unique new way we let people travel to space.

Haven’t you been able to secure a place with Axe? There’s still a small number of Founder Astronaut tickets available. But don’t wait too long. Because nothing beats an astronaut. Ever.

May the force be with you.

— Michiel Mol