NASA Gets $1.3 Billion Budget Cut

NASA LOGOSpace News has the grim NASA budget figures:

NASA will see a $1.3 billion budget cut this year under a stopgap spending bill the U.S. Congress approved March 21.

After absorbing across-the-board cuts known as sequestration, NASA stands to receive $16.5 billion for 2013 — an amount 7.3 percent below the $17.8 billion the agency has been held to since 2011 under a series of short-term spending resolutions Congress has been passing in lieu of annual appropriations bills….

The Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket, the biggest piece of NASA’s Exploration account, will get $1.99 billion, post sequester. That is slightly more than the $1.88 billion the rocket development effort got in 2012.

Meanwhile, the Commercial Crew Program will get $489 million in 2013, after sequestration. That is substantially less than the $830 million the White House sought for its signature human spaceflight program for 2013, but a boost compared with the 2012 funding level of $406 million.

Cuts were made in NASA’s Space Operations, Cross Agency Support and Science Mission Directorate accounts.

You can read the rest of the details here.