GLXP News: Omega Envoy Adds Another Sponsor

omega_envoyORLANDO, FLA., March 25, 2013 (ESI PR) — Earthrise Space Inc. (ESI), parent organization of the Omega Envoy team in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, is proud to announce that it has gained a new ‘Suborbital Level’ sponsor, SURFCAM, Inc. and their parent company, Vero Software.

The United Kingdom-based Vero Software and the California-based SURFCAM, Inc. are contributing to Omega Envoy’s goal of landing a rover on the lunar surface by providing high-efficiency CNC milling software. This software includes a full 5-axis SURFCAM CAD/CAM system with TRUEMill roughing capabilities, which will allow ESI to refine their CNC milling process, enhancing quality and speed while minimizing tool ware.

“We are delighted to sponsor and contribute CAD/CAM technologies to a stellar organization such as Earthrise Space, Inc.”, say Peter Marton of Surfcam, Inc. “Developing space technology by collaboration between industries and students is a philosophy we highly esteem since it provides the real world learning and hands-on experience that young, emerging professionals require for future employment in the entrepreneurial space industry.”

ESI will be receiving the highest level of support from 2011 North American SURFCAM Reseller of the Year, CAMCAD Technologies in Winter Springs, FL, to implement, train and provide the post processing solutions.

With this new software, ESI will be able to reduce costs while producing quality parts from scratch in record time. In supporting ESI, Vero Software and SURFCAM, Inc. will also be able to proudly promote their essential role in landing a rover on the moon.

About Vero Software and SURFCAM

Surfcam, Inc.’s parent company, Vero Software, is a world leader in CAD/CAM technology with an established record of becoming an invaluable part of the machining and building process. With a global presence in more than 45 countries and with the distribution of more than 135,000 licenses, Vero Software and its wholly-owned subsidiaries support a myriad of industries by providing them with comprehensive solutions to every step in the process of design, analysis, machining, and building. In addition to collectively streamlining the quality and turnaround time of the world’s production facilities, Vero Software’s revolutionary approach of building intuition into their software also serves as the fast-track to success for companies with niche needs. The software applies specific knowledge to each project’s unique situation, providing every customer with reliable and individualized solutions.

SURFCAM is a truly innovative CAD/CAM system that prides itself in providing clients with world class precision control, enabling machinists to control the tool in any combination of 5 axes movement. Combining this precision with TRUEMill technology, the system provides NC programmers with the ability to achieve a level of precision un-rivaled by any other CAM technology, eliminating hard edges and increasing productivity. This technology reduces cycle time by up to 80%, extends tool life by up to 10x, and increases material removal rates by up to 5x. These assets give companies a competitive advantage, and the software quickly pays for itself.

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About Earthrise Space, Inc.

Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) is a Florida-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to developing space technology in collaboration with industry and academic institutions. ESI’s Omega Envoy Project is creating a key set of lunar spacecraft infrastructure, which will fulfill the requirements of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and provide a platform for the delivery of commercial payloads to the lunar surface. All ESI efforts involve significant numbers of students and young professionals through paid internships, providing them with hands-on experience building real spacecraft, and preparing them for future employment in the entrepreneurial space industry.

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