Mojave Gets Busy

Welcome_to_mojave_north_lowIt was a busy day here with multiple activities at different locations at the Mojave Air and Space Port.

WhiteKnightTwo with SpaceShipTwo attached was out on the ramp in front of the Scaled hangar. Engineers were doing pressurization tests using helium before they rolled the ships back into the hanger in the afternoon.

SpaceShipTwo has not flown since a Dec. 19 glide test that features an engine for the first time. Officials have said they want to do three glide tests with this configuration before beginning powered flights. SpaceShipTwo appeared to feature the same engine nozzle with a pipe in the middle that was seen three months ago.

Masten Space Systems conducted two successful tether flights at their test facility on the north side today. The second one lasted about 1 minute and 10 seconds. It’s not known which vehicle the company was flying, but it’s possible it was the recently unveiled Xaero-B.

In another part of the test area, an unidentified team had hoped to do some tests today. However, they couldn’t get everything set up in time, so the tests were delayed to another day.