Check Out Birdzilla’s Awesome New Design

The new design of Stratolaunch's carrier aircraft. (Credit: Stratolaunch Systems)

The new design of Stratolaunch’s carrier aircraft. (Credit: Stratolaunch Systems)

Stratolaunch Systems has tweaked the design of its carrier aircraft to look less like a 747 and more like…something else entirely. The nose and cockpit resemble the Concorde — but that’s where the comparisons end. The old design is below.


A shout out to Dan Leone at Space News for spotting the change.

  • Nickolai

    Wow. And umm, yea, seems like a big design change. Are still planning to modify a 747 into this? Seems like a lot of work.

    Totally looks more like “Birdzilla” now tho 🙂

  • mzungu

    So, if Orbital feels that this company is eating into it’s market share or profit, they can shut this company out completely.?

  • Nickolai

    I’m not sure what you’re asking, Orbital is a partner in this venture. They replaced SpaceX as the launch vehicle provider.

  • Dave Erskine

    The new design, and not a rebuild of a 747, works with improved aerodynamics.
    An even more “Rutan-esque” form… the extended and narrower fuselage is all
    thats needed for crew use. We see details of the wing, tips and mounting rethink.
    Clever…. I want a ride!

  • Robert G. Oler

    Angle of attack and mass issues. Good solution RGO