Brightman Trip to ISS Could Be Delayed

sarah_brightmanSoprano Sarah Brightman’s 2015 trip to the International Space Station could be delayed or canceled, Roscosmos Head Vladimir Popovkin told reporters on Saturday.

The British soprano was set to go on an eight-day trip to the station, but NASA and Roskosmos are considering extending the visiting flight to one month, in which case she would have to give up her seat to a professional spaceman, Popovkin said.

“If it’s a monthly shift, then it will be staff cosmonauts and astronauts who will be performing some short-term scientific research,” the official said.

Popovkin did not say when the decision will be made or whether Brightman’s flight could be rescheduled for a later date. Neither did he name Brightman’s potential replacement, saying only that the candidate will be fielded by the European Space Agency.

Seven millionauts have made eight trips to the International Space Station under flights arranged by U.S.-based Space Adventures. The most recent flight was made by Canadian Guy Laliberte in 2009.

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  • If she waits three years, she could go up to a Bigelow station–she gets her trip and isn’t underfoot (so to speak) on a station that wasn’t designed for tourists.
    Also, first time I’ve seen the term ‘Millionauts’ 🙂

  • Paul451

    Hope she can get her money back.