Awesome Picture of Latest RocketMotorTwo Test


Virgin Galactic Facebook Caption: Another excellent rocket test! This photo from last Friday shows the second in a short series of final qualification tests prior to the first rocket-powered flight of SpaceShipTwo. The photo looks great, and the data looks even better.

Photo by Tom Nault, Scaled Composites

Editor’s Note: Sources told me last week that the test lasted around 15 or 30 seconds. This was the 26th test of the motor.

UPDATE (3/19/2013)

RocketMotorTwo Hot-Fire Test Summaries
Via Scaled Composites

Date:08 Mar 13


Twenty-sixth full scale flight design RM2 hot-fire. Continued evaluation of all systems and components:
– Pressurization
– Valve/Injector
– Fuel formulation and geometry
– Nozzle
– Structure
– Performance

All objectives completed.