Video: Diamandis, Anderson Describe Their Asteroid Mining Plans

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Problem: If humanity is to move off Earth and become an interplanetary species, it will need an economic reason to do so.

Solution: Near-earth asteroids contain (literally) trillions of dollars worth of resources and materials that could be harvested and brought back to Earth. A number of them are also energetically easier to get to than the surface of the Moon. That tremendous bounty creates a huge incentive for the private sector to create the requisite detection, propulsion and harvesting technology to capture these precious metals and minerals.

Planetary resources led by Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson is developing the technology and spacecraft to detect, harvest, capture and bring back these resources from Near-Earth asteroids.

  • Nice presentation, but Diamandis especially used the word ‘Literally’ about thirty times, and it got very, very distracting. The casual mention of a 1 KILOMETER square of solar cells as the power source for the on-site smelting was also a little jarring, but overall I like what they’re saying. Hopefully that two-year timeframe for the first launches won’t keep getting pushed back, ala Virgin Galactic.