Christmas Arrives a Bit Late in Mojave

Snow on Car

Only a few days ago, everyone in Mojave was walking around in short-sleeve shirts as we enjoyed the false dawn of an early spring. But, today a Pacific storm rolled over the mountains and we got a belated taste of Christmas.

Snow on Car II

There are reports of snow all up and down the Antelope Valley, from the Palmdale and Lancaster (“Palmcaster”) in the south all the up north through Mojave and California City. The Tehachapi Mountains off to the west have a whitish glow that I can see from miles away even in the middle of the night. They will be a pretty sight to look at in the morning.

The mountain pass south to Los Angeles appears to be open, while the pass leading west to Tehachapi is reportedly closed. The town of Tehachapi, which is at 4,000 feet, appears to be getting hit pretty hard with snow right now. The Weather Channel says there are blizzard conditions there now.