AIA Calls for Immediate Action on Sequestration

aialogosmStatement by Marion C. Blakey, President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Arlington, Va. – The President’s State of the Union address laid out much of the damage that sequestration would do to our economy and national security; now is the time for action.

The devastating impacts of sequestration are well documented and already being felt.  With such a fragile U.S. economy, now is not the time to put nearly 2.14 million jobs at risk.  Government workers from all agencies face massive furloughs – further crippling necessary governmental functions. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have warned of serious impacts to military readiness, training and maintenance. Just yesterday, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta warned that furloughs would damage all segments of the aviation industry as well as air travelers. Massive travel delays and disruptions during the summer travel season, slowed certifications and safety approvals and long-term delays to delivery of critical Next Generation Air Transportation System components will slam the brakes on economic growth.

There are just sixteen days left for Congress and President Obama to work together to find a solution to this looming economic and national security disaster. They must deliver on a balanced, bipartisan plan to responsibly reduce deficits and avoid this sequester.