Cameron County Appoints Members to Spaceport Development Corporation

The Cameron County Commissioners Court has appointed seven directors to oversee the brand new Cameron County Spaceport Development Corporation, whose goal is to help establish a commercial launch facility on the Texas Gulf Coast for use by SpaceX and to attract other space companies to the area.

SpaceX is eying a location near Brownsville for its commercial launches. It has requested an environmental impact study be done on the site. The California-based company also has been considering locations in Florida, Puerto Rico,  Georgia and Hawaii.

The Brownsville Herald reports that the board members are:

  • Robert Gracia
  • John Guevara
  • Yolanda DeLeon
  • Christian Villarreal
  • Nick Serafy Jr.
  • Charlie Cabler
  • Eddie Sikes.

The publication did not provide any details about the board members, who will initially serve three-month terms. Staggered one- and two-year terms will be established after the initial period is over.