Golden Spike Launches Crowd Sourcing Campaign

golden_spike_logBOULDER, CO, February 13, 2013 (Golden Spike PR) – Golden Spike – a private company led by former NASA executives offering human expeditions to the Moon for nations, corporations, and individuals – today kicked off a 10-week Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $240,000 – representing each mile on the way to the Moon.
The drive aims to raise awareness about Golden Spike, accelerate Golden Spike’s plans for innovative public participation in its activities, and give the global community of space enthusiasts and the general public a chance to help fuel Golden Spike’s human Lunar exploration mission.
“In the weeks after we unveiled the company last December, we were inundated with emails and letters and tweets from thousands of people asking how they can help. We think this Indiegogo campaign is an absolutely awesome way to get the public more involved in helping grow our mission,” said Golden Spike President and CEO Dr. Alan Stern. “Golden Spike is building a program that is all about connecting people to Lunar exploration,” he added.
“We hope that this campaign and all the projects it enables will generate a degree of participation in space exploration that has never existed before” said Gerry Griffin, former Apollo Flight Director and the Chairman of Golden Spike’s Board of Directors.
Indiegogo campaign contributions to Golden Spike will allow Golden Spike to create interactive media products, apps, and an Olympics Movement-style membership program for children and adults to take part in Golden Spike activities as insiders. They will also help fund Golden Spike’s Lunar expedition studies and other activities.
“We want to make it possible for people to follow Golden Spike’s development and space missions just like people follow Hollywood, NASCAR, and professional sports,” said Dr. Stern.
Golden Spike’s campaign is being launched through ( The public can get involved at different levels with a range of perks and incentives offered at each level. People can connect to the campaign on Golden Spike’s website ( as well as through its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
The Golden Spike Company is a private business planning a series of expeditions to explore the Moon by nations, corporations, and individuals from around the globe, beginning in 2020. Led by former NASA leaders, Golden Spike includes experienced space-industry veterans, world-renowned planetary scientists, and senior space engineers. The company estimates each two-person Lunar expedition to cost $1.5 billion – a breakthrough making human expeditions possible for the cost of present-day robotic missions on the Moon.
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