X Prizers Storm Into Mojave in Style — With Seth Green!

Seth Green climbs the Rotary Rocket vehicle King Kong style. (Credit: Steve Jurvetson)

The X Prize Adventure + Innovation group, which has been running around touring adventurous and innovative places and talking to the people who make those places so very…well…awesome, stormed into Mojave this morning. The group’s six private business jets were parked on the tarmac in front of the Voyager restaurant for most of the day.

The group included, among others, venture capitalist and total space geek Steve Jurvetson and “Austin Powers” star Seth Green, who preceded to climb up the side of the Rotary Rocket vehicle located outside the administration building.  Jurvetson posted the above photo and others on his Flickr feed.

Robot Chicken Seth asked the base director if he could fly anything today,” Jurvetson writes. “He kept asking how to arm the various craft we were crawling over, making everybody chuckle. Welcome to the Mojave Space Port.”

“We went on to see an XCOR RCS engine fire, crawl into their Lynx spacecraft, tour the Masten asteroid and moon landers, see the 747’s that Paul Allen bought to poach eight engines for the Stratolaunch behemoth, and the carbon fiber work of Scaled Composites, concluding with a tour of Virgin Galactic and SpaceShip Two,” Jurvetson reports.

In any event, the group’s adventuring and innovating were over by late afternoon, at which time the six private jets taxied out and flew off one by one into the blue Mojave skies over the lengthening desert shadows of a cool winter’s day.

  • Still not understanding the purpose of the visit. Are they making a documentary? Getting the word out about space travel for the masses? Or was it just an expensive and exclusive junket for a few people?

  • Geoff T

    I doubt Seth Green can fly any of those craft, none of them are powered by Mass Effect fields.

  • Guest

    What’s a Masten asteroid?

  • “Masten asteroid and moon landers” – Masten has built a VTVL craft that could land on the moon or asteroids, and to make mission unloading easier on touchdown, imagine that it lands horizontally (rather than vertically with a ladder like the sci-fi comic books of old).

  • Astro Mathman

    With a name like Steve Jurvetson, I’d have difficulty not referring to him as Steve ‘George Jetson’ Jurvetson.

  • Dick Beninya

    Dude was in outer space w Dr Evil

  • juandos

    Who the hell is Seth Green?

    A pseudo male version of Kim Kardashian?