RSC Energia Had Excellent 2012

RSC Energia board meeting. (Credit: RSC Energia)
RSC Energia board meeting. (Credit: RSC Energia)

MOSCOW (Energia PR) — An enlarged Board of Directors meeting was held at S.P.┬áKorolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, where the President and General Designer of the Corporation V.A.┬áLopota viewed the company performance in 2012 and set tasks for the next year.

On the whole, 2012 was a good year for RSC Energia, said the Corporation President and General Designer. Fully implemented were the plans for the International Space Station (ISS) and Sea Launch program. Nearing completion is the work on the development of unmanned spacecraft and systems for various customers. Studies were conducted on the advanced space projects to develop manned and unmanned systems , including work on the next-generation manned transportation spacecraft.

There are plans to launch to ISS in the new year four Soyuz TMA spacecraft and four Progress M spacecraft, as well as the multipurpose laboratory module of the ISS Russian Segment. After our European partners in the ISS launch the fourth logistics spacecraft ATV, its integration with the Russian Segment of the station will need to be supported. The launches of Block DM type upper stages will continue to support the orbital insertion of unmanned spacecraft under government and commercial programs. Serious work will continue on the development of unmanned spacecraft for various applications and on adapting launchers to them. There are plans to finish by the end of the year the development of a new-generation Earth remote sensing spacecraft and launch it into a low Earth orbit.

It is expected that the work under the project of the next-generation manned transportation spacecraft will reach the stage of manufacturing of mockups and flight models. Work will continue on other advanced design and exploratory design efforts in support of unmanned and manned systems development, including development of science and power module and an unmanned spacecraft serviced with the use of ISS. Further work will be conducted on the project of the transportation and power module with a nuclear power unit, on the launch vehicles, as well as their associated ground space infrastructure.

In order to complete the intended work plans, pointed out V.A.┬áLopota, we’ll need to improve the efficiency of all corporate divisions and raise labor productivity, to be completely devoted to our work and to do it with utmost degree of responsibility, to have a properly coordinated relationship with our partners.

The President and General Designer of the Corporation wished his audience and all the employees of the Corporation and its affiliates a happy New Year, good health, new creative successes and interesting work.