The Latest Lurio Report Now Availlable

The Lurio Report
Illuminating Issues and Prospects, Commercial Crew Elements, Dream Chaser & SpaceShipTwo
Vol. 7, No. 14, December 31, 2012


Notes and Regards for the New Year
Quick Updates
Boeing Investments and the Nature of CCiCap
Certification Products Contracts (CPC) Awards and Cautions
Dream Chaser Drop Test Updates and Further Evolution
SpaceShipTwo (SS2) Motor Tests, “Powered Flight Configuration” Glides
Dear Acquaintances,
– SpaceX Developments and Larger Issues –
From the Specific to the General
CCiCap Milestones Completed to Date
The Problems That Did (and Did Not) Occur on CRS-1
Engine 1 Anomaly and Shutdown
Thruster Sensors
Sample Freezer
Radiation Events and Electronics: “System-Hardening” vs.“Rad-Hardening”
Grasshopper to Fly Faster and Higher
“Raptors,” Methane Fuel …and Mars
Flights and Dates, Military and NASA Customers, Separation from Stratolaunch
Spaceports – A New Mexico/Virgin Galactic Crisis?