GXLP News: Earthrise Space Adds New Sponsor

omega_envoyORLANDO, FLA. (Earthrise Space PR) – Earthrise Space Inc., the parent organization of the “Florida team” competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, is proud to announce that it has gained a new “Launch Level” sponsor, Southern Cast Solutions. The Haines City, Florida-based Southern Cast Solutions is contributing to Omega Envoy’s goal of landing a rover on the lunar surface by providing Omega Envoy with a variety of supplies that will allow them to test their equipment prior to its flight to the Moon.

Southern Cast Solutions is owned by a University of Central Florida alumni who was very excited about having the opportunity to help power Omega Envoy’s “Sagan” rover into the history books. Southern Cast’s contributions to the Omega Envoy team includes a vast array of goods that will allow Omega Envoy to achieve its objectives. Some of what Southern Cast has provided our team with includes a direct compatibility testing, eight hundred lbs of premium foundry sand, parteen parting powder, two riddles of sand screening, thirty lbs of aluminum 356 ingots and most important of all, hours of training on how to use the equipment provided.

“We are excited about this new era in space exploration and we look forward to working with the talented team at Earthrise Space Inc.,” said Southern Cast Solutions’ Adam Kallmeyer.

With Southern Cast Solutions now a member of the family of sponsors and partners, Earthrise Space Inc. is one step closer to completing the objectives laid out in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Under this competition the team that can land their rover safely on the lunar surface, have it traverse a minimum of 500 meters and relay imagery and data back to Earth will win the $20 million grand prize. A number of secondary prizes are also available.

About Southern Cast Solutions.

Southern Cast Solutions is a Haines City, Florida-based company that supplies machined aluminum sand castings to numerous customers that desire high quality cast products. Production runs of machined aluminum sand castings vary from two to a couple thousand.  Southern Cast Solutions produces high quality aluminum sand castings for a number of industries including aerospace, railroad, trainer/simulation, and traffic intersection and hardware.

For more information, please visit: www.costcast.com

About Earthrise Space, Inc.

Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) is a Florida-based 501 (c) 3, non-profit corporation dedicated to developing space technology in collaboration with industry and academic institutions. ESI’s Omega Envoy Project is creating a key set of lunar spacecraft infrastructure which will fulfill the requirements of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and provide a platform for the delivery of commercial payloads to the lunar surface. All ESI efforts involve significant numbers of students and young professionals through paid internships, providing them with hands on experience building real spacecraft, and preparing them for future employment in the entrepreneurial space industry.

For more information, please visit: www.omegaenvoy.org