Video: The Future of Spaceport America

Fred Martino and a studio audience ask questions of Spaceport Executive Director Christine Anderson and Virgin Galactic Senior Program Manager Mark Butler.

Editor’s Note: Kind of disappointed with the questions. If I were a New Mexico taxpayer who contributed to this $209 million project, I would have grilled Butler on the precise status of SpaceShipTwo’s engine and why they’re still working on that after eight years.

Butler is reassuring but in a rather vague way. I will believe this when I see SpaceShipTwo flying overhead with a full engine capable of getting into space. I’m hoping that happens next year.

  • Carolynne

    Sounded like a hand-picked audience, no dissenters there. Same as usual, Virgin avoids the difficult questions. If I was a New Mexico taxpayer, I’d be concerned.
    As for ‘informed consent’ – one wonders how ‘informed anyone is going to be while Virgin still continues with the ‘Nitrous Oxide is sage stable and benign’ claims. ‘Informed’ must imply being told the whole truth.

  • Anonymous

    Space port America has become a new subject to me. I am so happy to see the obvious commitment in space. I hope we, humans, can work together to make space our new home.
    This is a new and exiting time that will be written in history. The history of taking the chance, identifying the problems, and overcoming diversity. To the Moon my friends or die.