Masten Tests New Katana Class Engine

Video Caption:
Masten Space Systems successfully tests a regeneratively cooled Katana class engine, the KA6A. The Katana class engines are rated up to 4,000lbf of thrust with this engine running at ~2,800lbf during this test. Masten has been designing, testing and improving several key pieces of enabling flight hardware and during this test evolution we demonstrate the successful integration of some of those items.

Key hardware in this test include:

– The Katana KA6A, an all aluminum regeneratively cooled LOX/IPA 3,000lbf rated engine– fully designed in-house.
– Our test trailer was outfitted with an already flight proven 600psi cryo rated aluminum ball valve that was designed entirely by our team, including the ball. The ball valve unit is actuated by a Masten designed and built lightweight aluminum pneumatic actuator assembly that includes an integral pressure accumulator and features a positive fail-safe return.
– Our newest spark exciter design is also integrated; a low power, small footprint, lightweight and adaptable form factor device.
– The test trailer has also been validating our new brushless DC throttle valve motors, brushless DC motor controllers and new engine control code.

  • Tom

    Do you know the date of the test? Did it take place at Mojave Space Port? Nothing found about it on the Masten blog on their web site.

  • Not sure when it took place. But, it would have taken place in Mojave.